“I absolutely love Beth and this course! I was a little nervous to take this course as I was raised in a strict Catholic home and we NEVER talked about sex. This course helped me look at how my beliefs and messages I got growing up was holding me back from having the kind of sex life I wanted.” -J. P.

“Working with Beth has helped me communicate my needs to my partner! It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I’m so glad Beth has helped me take it! Thank you!” –B. B.

“Dr. Russell is kind, compassion, and so knowledgeable. I actually like our sessions each week. She genuinely cares about me.  I highly recommend seeing her!”- L.P.

“This course is amazing.  Not only did I learn a lot about sex, but I also now feel more comfortable asking my husband for what I want.” -M. L.

“Low desire has been a problem for me since having my children.  What Beth helped me realize is that sex is connected to how I am taking care (or not!) of myself.  Once I started getting more sleep and asking for what I need in other areas of my life, my desire started to return. Thank you so much!”  -T. M.